Who we are

Panafrique Oil and Gas Ltd is a result-driven company that carries on the business of petroleum, oil and gas prospecting and exploration and to acquire or own oil fields and oil wells through license and payment of oil royalties and to install and operate machineries and other facilities for drilling oil and petroleum, gas and gasoline, kerosine and all other petroleum and allied minerals from oil wells.

What we do best

Business of Logistics

We carry on the business of logistics services of oil and gas industry, oil and gas exploration and production, refinery acquisition, operation, marketing of petroleum products of all grades, oil field (off-shore and on-shore) services (supply and installation of oil production tools), oil and gas, oil vessel acquisition and leasing and taxing of vessels.

Business of General Contracts

We carry on the business of general contracts, trading, marketing, sales and distribution of general goods, be they manufactured or not, commission agents, manufacturer's representatives, importers, exporters, general suppliers, general contractors and general merchants; to buy, sell, manufacture and deal in all articles, substances, products, systems and appliances that will enable it realize its set objectives or that is commonly or usually bought, sold, manufactured or dealt in by persons carrying on any of the businesses having objects similar to that of the company.